We Do Not Burn

As gods watch on

The day dawned early as the two sides prepared. Ser Jon was joined by Ser Harper, Ser Amery Bog, Ser Roswell Yew, Ser Winslow Fen, Cale Storm, and finally, by Lord Raeburn Fen. They opted for the use of Tourney Lances for the opening tilt.

Lord Casper Wylde was joined by Ser Bonnifer Hasty, four knights in his service and Ser Robert Bell, a hedge knight in his service. They would use the War Lance.

In the opening tilt, the crowd was shocked as Raeburn Fen discarded his lance, instead hurtling Fancisca’s at Ser Bonnifer and Ser Robert. The battle is joined, but it is short lived, over in a single minute.

It ends with Lord Wylde throwing his gauntlet to Ser Jon’s feet as the younger warrior stood over him. All told, 4 men in Ser Bonnifer’s service had been slain, and Ser Bonnifer was seriously wounded. As the fight ended, Lord Raeburn and Ser Jon had a tense discussion in the field before Ser Jon asked for Lady Margot’s hand. After time is spent healing, Lord Wylde accepts the proposal and leaves to Stonehelm so that he might send messages to his household. Lady Margot has stayed behind, and speaks with many members of the household.



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