We Do Not Burn

The Fallout

With the festival several days past, and a storm on the horizon the members of House Fen quickly try to finish whatever work they can before the storm breaks. However, all work is halted when word of a war host appearing at the edge of the bridge on the wetlands of the land of House Fen arrives.

A group is sent out to address the concern, shortly followed by Lord Raeburn Fen and Ser Jon. It quickly comes to their attention that Ser Jon is perhaps involved in some scandal. Some of the host are allowed on and out of the rain.

Things escalate rather quickly after an accusation of Ser Jon taking Lady Wylde unwilling arises. Whispers quickly carry the word, and soon all of Castle Yewwood has heard the accusation. Lord Wylde declines the offer of marriage that was proposed by Lord Fen.

The day draws to a dark close with a storm pounding overhead. Ser Jon is brought to be judged by Lord Fen for his crimes. Lord Wylde does not give Lady Margot Wylde any opportunity to speak on the matter, and so Ser Jon realizes that Trial by Combat is best. However, in the presence of the Lord of the Heavenly Hundred a simple Trial by Combat will not do, and it is moved to be motioned as a Trial by Seven…



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