We Do Not Burn

The Festival

The tournament finally began, with nearly all the Houses of Storm’s End in strong presence. The Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell, even made an appearance. And so it was that the tournaments began. There were a number of festivities held specifically by the small folk of the area which included log tossing. The tradition of Francesca Throwing was won by Sergeant Bran of the Guerillas. The archery contest was won by Ser Harper Fell.

The joust took everyone’s breath away with the fervor of all the knights involved. Within the final round were Jon Fen and Winslow Fen. John Fen only barely managed to overcome Winslow within the final round. The ceremonies drew to a close with a night of festivities.

There are some rumors however, that perhaps the festivities for House Fen did not truly begin until the night after all were gone… The Fens were seen heading into the wetlands late in the evening, only Rosalind was not among their number.



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