We Do Not Burn

...And so it begins, to the sound of hammers.

House Fen Adventure Log

The story thus far:
Our story begins with the sounds of voices calling to each other from across the grounds and hammers filling the air. This is not the normal state of castle Yewwood and Yew Town, but is a commotion caused by the upcoming tournament to separate House Fen’s centennial founding. Houses from all across Storm’s End begin to convene in preparation for the tournament; among their numbers are House Tarth (ft. Selwyn & Brienne), House Baratheon (ft. Renley), and House Clegane, along with just about every house in Storm’s End excluding House Fell. There are rumors that Oberyn Martell will also be making an appearance. A letter was sent to Ser Loras the Knight of Flowers in hopes of appealing him to come to the tournament. The day reached a rather dramatic end as Elsa Fen sailed into port unannounced.



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