Cale Storm

The Bastard


Intrigue Defense: 8
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 6
Health: 9

Bludgeon Fighting

Bastard Born

Cale looks every bit the bastard of King Robert Baratheon. He is tall, broad shouldered and muscled. He has the brown hair of his sire and the hazel eyes. He smiles easy and laughs harder. He is considered to be just as handsome as his father was at his age.


One of the first things Cale learned when he was a child was that even though he played and grew with the Fen children he was not technically apart of them. When it was revealed to him that he was a bastard he had simply responded by asking a wide range of questions. Cale had his mother, Rosalind Fen’s affection without out question from an early age and for the first few years stayed very close to her before suddenly branching out in playmates and activities.

Cale was always a rather odd child splitting his time between reading, playing with Clarity Fen and learning combat in the yard. While he has a good head for numbers and reading as well as shows some promise in the art of war far from small little games he’d played. Cale’s thirst for approval came to a head while out playing with Clarity a bear attacked. Cale, rashly and without really knowing what he was doing, beat the bear to death with little more then a club to arm himself. Raeburn Fen, who had been cold before showed the slightest sign of thinking more of Cale afterwards which seemed to become the catalyst for his thirst for acceptance.

Cale loves stories of war, combat and knighthood. He will ask anyone who has so much as lifted a sword in battle to recount their tales to him and he will respond with fervor and praise. Cale was known to ask Harper Fell when he first arrived to recount The Greyjoy rebellion at almost all opportunities. Harper, seeming to be tired of the young bastard fallowing him around day and night anyway made him a squire so he could be of some use.

He met his father for the first time recently, his near worship of the war stories from King Robert’s youth seemed to endear him. Robert gifted him a war hammer and Cale spent months training with it to be sure he could be just a good at it as Robert had been. His relationship with his siblings seems to vary case to case. He and Clarity Fen are closest with their similar urge for mischief and his willingness to help in her schemes. Cale seems to want to be as close to his elder brother as possible though the feeling does not seem to be returned the same way. Cale and Deidre Fen are close as well though Deidre’s lady like behavior does put a small distance between them.

Cale’s views on how the world works seems to still be naive given current events and has trouble making the two met without asking lots of questions of those around him. He’s cheerful and always seems to be in a pleasant mood. Recently he won the local game in Yewtown of Caber Toss. He also showed a great interest in Lady Brianne of Tarth though the feeling was not returned.

With the recent scandal of Jon Fen and the Lady Wyld Cale has spent much time asking about sex, marrage and women mostly to the Septa and Harper.

Cale Storm

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