Deidre Fen

Heiress of Yewwood


Date of Birth: 279 A.L. 5th month, 21st day

Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 7
Health: 8

Animal Cohort
Blood of the First Men
Charismatic (Charm)
Charismatic (Convince)

Frail (flawed Endurance)

Slender, Deidre weighs a little more than eight Stone, standing a willowy 5’9". Her eyes are an odd golden color that reminds most of birds’ eyes, and others of amber honey. Her hair is a medium brown, and now chopped short so it falls loose around her shoulders.


Deidre’s first true memory is that of her father, Lord Raeburn, rescuing her from her captors. House Fell had taken her in an effort to keep House Fen from joining the Baratheon ranks in Robert’s Rebellion, but it did not go as they had intended. The force that was taking her to Summerhall was decimated after Raeburn rescued his daughter.

During Robert’s Rebellion, Deidre was kept under close watch, lest she be taken again, so she found solace in the company of her faithful hounds and her stalwart pony. She learned early and well how to care for her friends, and devoted much of her time to their comfort.

At age 13, she and her sister Clarity went to Tyrosh to visit their aunt, Elsa Fen, who was running a successful spice trade. Her influence may be accountable for Deidre’s later actions, but the same could be said of her Lady mother’s influence.

At fifteen years of age, Deidre met Ser Allyn Rogers. She was taken by his kind and romantic manner, and he by her artistic talent, easy way with animals and soft voice. They approached Lord Raeburn about marriage, but Ser Allyn’s suit was rejected. As a promise to continue striving for the lord’s approval, Allyn gave Deidre a strand of pearls with an amber unicorn pendant.

This promise did not mean that they would cease their relationship. In point of fact, it escalated beyond all bounds of propriety for their courtship. By some ill fate though, her father came looking for her during one of their secret meetings, and he found them in an extremely compromising position. Ser Allyn was put to the sword almost immediately. Clarity’s penchant for tall tales caused the situation which might’ve been hushed up to escalate into a full scandal, as the younger sister told stories of other affairs until she was educated on how serious an offense it really was.

At game start, now seventeen, Deidre emulates her mother – keeping her head up in quiet dignity while she tends to her animals and goes about her daily schedule. Most of her time is devoted to her animals, but for the few hours after dinner and before she retires for the night, she paints – be they based off her animals or Clarity’s stories of adventures and pirates on the high seas or her hope that one day her ‘prince’ will come and take her as the disgraced ‘princess’ she is.

A month shy of her 18th birthday, her elder brother, Winslow was poisoned and killed. Though she desires to grieve openly for her brother, she feels she must remain strong for her mother and sister, and to take up the mantle of heir to Yewwood.

Lay your hands on my daughter, and I will have your head for it. If you question my meaning boy then speak to Lord Fell. — Raeburn Fen, to Ser Allyn Rogers when he requested Deidre’s hand

My dear sweet angel, why did you have to be so like me? — Rosalind Fen

It shouldn’t be me… It’s not supposed to be me! — Deidre Fen

Deidre Fen

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