Elsa Fen

The Spice Merchant


Intrigue Defense: 14
Composure: 15
Combat Defense: 14 (12 with armor)
Health: 9

Elsa is an attractive woman, her skin lightly tanned by the sun. Besides her darkened tone, she looks much like her brothers, with Black hair and Green eyes. She is quick to laugh, and carries herself with confidence. At times, she will dye her hair in Tyroshi fashion.

She often dresses it bright colors, though not at all like one would expect of a Westeros Noble Lady. But she does still wear the colors of her father’s house


Elsa was born in 266 AL. She was always a handful for the Septa and her mother, never having much patience for any of the lessons that a young lady usually received. She preferred running with the other children, or watching her Older brothers in the practice yard. She worshiped Raeburn as only a younger sister can. That is, until her father built the fleet and Port. She was enamored with the ships, always finding a way to get on board as they left port to patrol the coast or escort merchant ships.

In an attempt to settle her down, Sevrin and Lyric arranged for the boy she was pledged to travel to stay with them for a time. They had hoped their daughter would be calmed by the presence of her husband to be and would hope to impress him. They were correct after a fashion, as her fist left a sizable impression on the Heir to House Clegane’s forehead. The marriage was called off, and there was a terrible row with her parents. After that night, Young Elsa disapeared from Yewwood. She was only 13.

When Severin and Lyric passed away, she returned to see them put to rest, but to the surprise of all, she returned at the head of a fleet of ships, all flying the colors of House Fen, with black sails of Mourning. She told the tale of how she was a Spice Merchant in Tyrosh, and was well renowned in all the free cities. She visits with her family as often as her business allows her too.

Clarity: Auntie Elsa’s a pirate!
Elsa: Clarity, you can’t go around spreading nonsense like that.
Clarity: But Auntie… Everyone knows that anyone who has a boat is a pirate, it’s what makes having a boat exciting! Besides it makes for a better story.

Elsa Fen

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