The Smallfolk from Braavos


Intrigue Defense: 7
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 7
Health: 9

Night Eyes
Short Blade Fighter I

Jaime stands shorter than many, at roughly five-nine, dark brown eyes peering out from beneath a short-cut head of black hair. His skin is a very light tan, at odds with his otherwise unremarkable and familiar features.


Jaime doesn’t remember much of his biological family. He knows that he, as a bastard and a smallfolk bastard at that, was sold off at an early age to a group across the Narrow Sea. He remembers being taken in by a merchant in Braavos who purchased his debt and asked servitude of him to repay that debt. Jaime worked for years to achieve repayment, serving as everything from a menial laborer to a bodyguard for friends of his ‘employer’ in order to settle accounts. He’s very hesitant to discuss the details of this time, saying “it got very repetitive very quickly, and that would be boring to tell of.”

At the age of sixteen, the time had finally come. Jaime had repaid his debt. As he was working one of his final tasks, he saw a woman whose features were, unlike those of the other Braavosi, quite similar to his own. Jaime’s master explained to him that the woman was from a region of Westeros known as Yewwood, which is where his parents had lived and where he had been born. His master chartered his passage on a boat that was going to Yewtown, the principal port of the region, and Jaime set sail for the land of his birth.

When he arrived, he originally intended to find employment with the town watch. However, after tracking a woman who had been on the boat with him to Castle Yewwood, he found himself involved in averting an attempt on the life of Jon Fen. Jaime, after being questioned by Lord Raeburn Fen, was allowed to stay at the castle, working alongside his half-brother Orys in the service of Marlin Fen.

You know, there’s a saying in Braavos for situations like this…

It wouldn’t be my place to comment.


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