Jon Fen



Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 9
Combat Defense: 11 (-6 Armor, +6 Shield)
Health: 9

Ser Jon is a young, boisterous man. He is the most attractive of the Fen brothers and he knows it. He prefers to wear the bright Reds and Blues of his house, with only minor amounts of black. He stands tallest at 6’1 and is well built from his training. He is the only brother to have made knighthood.


Ser Jon was born in 268 AL, and is the youngest of his siblings. He was markedly different from his brothers in that he was always a joyous and happy child, especially while in the practice yard.

Early on, he was sent to Storm’s End, like his Eldest brother to serve as a squire. While there he spent an extended time with Stannis Baratheon. Neither were especially fond of the other however. Unfortunately, they each reminded the other of their eldest Brother. Still, they worked together and Jon saved Stannis at one point while on a Hunt for a Wild Boar.

When Robert’s Rebellion broke out, Raeburn led the Fen Host out with the bulk of Robert’s army to give battle to the Targaryens. But while he was away, word reached Yewwood that a Tyrell Host was marching to Siege Storm’s End. To stand the siege, Stannis needed more time to gather his people and his supplies. Jon, against his older brother Marlin’s advice, lead the garrison of Yewwood to the field and slowed the Tyrell army to a crawl, buying time for Stannis to prepare. For this, he earned his Knighthood. He was only 14.

He commanded under his Elder Brother in the Greyjoy rebellion, and once again served with valor and distinction. There is no better Swordsmen in the ranks of House Fen, and he has won some acclaim in tournaments as well. Unfortunately, he is well aware of his skill and power which makes him arrogant and over confident.

This led to an accusation that he had taken advantage of a young girl in Yew Town, the daughter of the Portmaster. The investigation proved that it was not accurate, though there are some who feel that it may not be true. Still, he has taken care of the girl, and the daughter they had together.

His blood seems to have cooled with his marriage to the Lady Margot, and they are expecting a child soon.

He blames himself for the death of Winslow, even though at the time, he was attacked by six men. He is also bitter that his injuries kept him from marching to war with his Brothers. There are some who say that Raeburn thrashed his youngest brother when he was well enough for not looking after his boy.

Still, he serves as Raeburn’s strong arm, taking Ser Harper’s place as Castellan to defend the castle in his eldest brothers absence.

Ser Jon is brave, yes and true. But I could have bested him in my day. He is too Brash, to assured of his prowess, and to Honorable by half Marlin Fen

The Kraken’s are Rebelling? Let Stannis take them at sea, and with luck he will smash them. Then I shall see how Squids fight on land Ser Jon Fen

Jon Fen

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