Raeburn Fen

The Lord of Yewwood


Reaburn Fen is a physically an unassuming man. His has black hair cropped to his chin, with piercing green eyes. His face is hard and stern, with a small close cropped beard. He stands about 5’10 and weighs just over 12 stone. Despite all of this, he has been known to unsettle most individuals around him with his presence.

Intrigue Defense: 13
Compsure: 15
Combat Defense: 12 (-4 Armor +4 Shield)
Health: 18



Raeburn Fen was born 255 AL to Severin and Lyric Fen, the first of their 4 children. He was an adept student of war, and practiced constantly. Even as a youth he was stern, and with little patience for what he viewed as nonsense. He spent a few years serving Steffon Baratheon as a page and a squire. He fought bravely at the Defiance of Duskendale but passed the opportunity to be knighted by Ser Bariston Selmy, saying that he was not the stuff of Chivalry.

He does not usually participate in Tournaments, and if he does it is in Archery or The Melee. He has often been heard to say that Jousting is just boys playing at war. His youngest brother has been heard stating it is because he cant land a lance.

In Battle, Lord Fen is brutal and efficient. He is equally deadly with a Francisca and Still Water and seems to demonstrate no fear in battle regardless of the odds. He is a capable leader of men as well, and organizes his troops against armies 2-3 times his size to victory.

When Robert Baratheon rebelled against the crown, House Fen was one of the first to rally to his side, though the abduction of his eldest daughter by House Fell may have had something to do with that.

Many say that he is a harsh and cold man, and that led his wife to her unfaithfulness. Still, he seems to tolerate the Bastard under his roof, and tries to do the best by his children and siblings as he can.

As of late, he seems to have warmed to Cale Storm significantly, making him Master at Arms after Ser Harper was granted Arrow Hall. He has also taken to spending more time with his daughters after the Death of his Son.

Winslow’s Death seemed to shake him, and he was even seen shedding a tear at the Victory feast when a singer sang a song in Winslow’s honor. But his grief does not overcome him, like any other emotion and he has dedicated himself to the improvement of his house and children.


We bent the knee to the Storm King and the Crowned Stag. What do we have to fear from Dragons? We do not Burn -When asked where his allegiances would lie in Robert’s Rebellion

He is a cold killer on the field, but there is no art to his actions. Who can admire such ruthless efficiency? There is no song in that. But he throws an axe like an angel! – Ser Jon Fen, of his eldest brother

Raeburn Fen

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