Rosalind Fen

The Lady of Yewwood


Intrigue Defense: 13
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 10
Health: 9

Attractive, Blood of the Andals

Rosalind Fen is a stunning beauty, originally of House Connington. Her hair is a spun red gold that flows down her back past her waist when it is unbound. Lately, she has been seen only sporting the colors of House Fen, the small pieces of white a thing of the past.. She is charming and courteous, perhaps even more so after her dishonor


Rosalind Connington was born 257 AL to Armond and Adelaide Connington, spending her childhood learning the proper way to be a Lady of the Realm. She was a friend of the Young prince Rhaegar, and helped her brother Jon to meet him and the two became inseparable since. She had hopes to wed the young Silver Prince, but her parents forged a marriage contract with House Fen when she was 10. She was unable to meet her future Husband until their wedding day, but was told stories of his honor, and his deeds. She she heard how her Husband to be had fought alongside Ser Bariston the Bold, she demanded that she wed her heroic Lord immediately.

She found the Lands of Yewwood bleak and intimidating, but when she saw her Husband at the altar, dressed in silks of Blue and Red, a long black cloak over his shoulders and his piercing green eyes she forgot her dismay. But her joy did not last long.

Yewwood is a hard place that breeds hard people and this was no more evident then in Raeburn Fen. He was dedicated to her, and she gave him a Son and a Daughter. But after his father passed away, he devoted a fair portion of his time to Lordship. Rosalind wished to be romanced, and for warm sunny halls and fair music. Yewwood was bleak and dark, battered by storms. Raeburn would not spend lavishly on Minstrels, and none wanted to stay. When their daughter was kidnapped to prevent House Fen from joining in Robert’s Rebellion she urged her husband to obey. The Targayen’s were Kings and to think of naught else was treason. But her Husband rode to His Lord’s call. She wept and thought her daughter dead.

When her Brother rode to end The Rebellion at what was to be the Battle of The Bells, she again urged her Husband not to ride. She beseeched him not to march against her blood. But Raeburn had his duty and he rode.

She grew bitter towards her husband and his cold demeanor. And when their new King came to visit their halls, resplendent in Cloth of Gold and Ebony. Beautiful in Glory, he charmed and romanced her. He spoke praises of her beauty. And she bedded him. Her Husband was furious, and her feelings somewhat preserved to see such passion from him. But his bitterness grew as her belly swelled with child.

To this day, her bastard son is allowed to stay, because of Duty, to King and to Wife. But the two have grown estranged from each other. It was a surprise to all when she had a third child with him, and all rumors to it’s parentage were put to rest with the small baby girl looked just as her father. This has repaired feelings some what, but she is still trapped in a dismal place with a dismal man.

After the death of her first son, Rosalind withdrew into herself for a weak, barely speaking when spoken too, and refusing to leave her room. She was only seen outside once, for a hearing of several musicians for the Expected Victory feast of the war against Houses Fell and Rogers.

Soon though, her grief passed and she seems to look at the world anew. Her patience has increased with her youngest daughter, and now seems to spend a great deal of time with Clarity.

She seemed to have a row with Deidre, and though the two have made up, the relations are still tense between the two of them.

Most astounding still, is that she has been seen dancing with her husband at several feasts and festivals, though people are unsure what bearing this may have on her future.


My Lord Husband, they have our daughter, and we must not cross the Targaryen’s! To do so is Treason and Death! Urging her Husband to bend the knee

Robert Baratheon: You are a Beautiful Woman Rosalind. Why are you in this dreary place?
Rosalind Fen: I loved a Silver Prince once, but he was taken from me.
Robert Baratheon: He was no true man, but a foul demon and despoiler of Nobility
Rosalin Fen: He was no such thing. I gave him my first kiss
Robert Baratheon: I am sorry my Lady for taking that from this world. Truly, I shall have to make the balance right

Rosalind Fen

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