We Do Not Burn

As gods watch on

The day dawned early as the two sides prepared. Ser Jon was joined by Ser Harper, Ser Amery Bog, Ser Roswell Yew, Ser Winslow Fen, Cale Storm, and finally, by Lord Raeburn Fen. They opted for the use of Tourney Lances for the opening tilt.

Lord Casper Wylde was joined by Ser Bonnifer Hasty, four knights in his service and Ser Robert Bell, a hedge knight in his service. They would use the War Lance.

In the opening tilt, the crowd was shocked as Raeburn Fen discarded his lance, instead hurtling Fancisca’s at Ser Bonnifer and Ser Robert. The battle is joined, but it is short lived, over in a single minute.

It ends with Lord Wylde throwing his gauntlet to Ser Jon’s feet as the younger warrior stood over him. All told, 4 men in Ser Bonnifer’s service had been slain, and Ser Bonnifer was seriously wounded. As the fight ended, Lord Raeburn and Ser Jon had a tense discussion in the field before Ser Jon asked for Lady Margot’s hand. After time is spent healing, Lord Wylde accepts the proposal and leaves to Stonehelm so that he might send messages to his household. Lady Margot has stayed behind, and speaks with many members of the household.

The Fallout

With the festival several days past, and a storm on the horizon the members of House Fen quickly try to finish whatever work they can before the storm breaks. However, all work is halted when word of a war host appearing at the edge of the bridge on the wetlands of the land of House Fen arrives.

A group is sent out to address the concern, shortly followed by Lord Raeburn Fen and Ser Jon. It quickly comes to their attention that Ser Jon is perhaps involved in some scandal. Some of the host are allowed on and out of the rain.

Things escalate rather quickly after an accusation of Ser Jon taking Lady Wylde unwilling arises. Whispers quickly carry the word, and soon all of Castle Yewwood has heard the accusation. Lord Wylde declines the offer of marriage that was proposed by Lord Fen.

The day draws to a dark close with a storm pounding overhead. Ser Jon is brought to be judged by Lord Fen for his crimes. Lord Wylde does not give Lady Margot Wylde any opportunity to speak on the matter, and so Ser Jon realizes that Trial by Combat is best. However, in the presence of the Lord of the Heavenly Hundred a simple Trial by Combat will not do, and it is moved to be motioned as a Trial by Seven…

The Festival

The tournament finally began, with nearly all the Houses of Storm’s End in strong presence. The Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell, even made an appearance. And so it was that the tournaments began. There were a number of festivities held specifically by the small folk of the area which included log tossing. The tradition of Francesca Throwing was won by Sergeant Bran of the Guerillas. The archery contest was won by Ser Harper Fell.

The joust took everyone’s breath away with the fervor of all the knights involved. Within the final round were Jon Fen and Winslow Fen. John Fen only barely managed to overcome Winslow within the final round. The ceremonies drew to a close with a night of festivities.

There are some rumors however, that perhaps the festivities for House Fen did not truly begin until the night after all were gone… The Fens were seen heading into the wetlands late in the evening, only Rosalind was not among their number.

...And so it begins, to the sound of hammers.
House Fen Adventure Log

The story thus far:
Our story begins with the sounds of voices calling to each other from across the grounds and hammers filling the air. This is not the normal state of castle Yewwood and Yew Town, but is a commotion caused by the upcoming tournament to separate House Fen’s centennial founding. Houses from all across Storm’s End begin to convene in preparation for the tournament; among their numbers are House Tarth (ft. Selwyn & Brienne), House Baratheon (ft. Renley), and House Clegane, along with just about every house in Storm’s End excluding House Fell. There are rumors that Oberyn Martell will also be making an appearance. A letter was sent to Ser Loras the Knight of Flowers in hopes of appealing him to come to the tournament. The day reached a rather dramatic end as Elsa Fen sailed into port unannounced.


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