History of House Fen

Officially, House Fen was founded 197 AL for their assistance in the Blackfyre Rebellion. But their History is much older, spawning back to the Age of Heroes.

The Legend goes that Orkresh of Fen forged the house in blood and violence. He was advised by his two lovers, the Nymph of Swamp and the Dryad of Yew to forge the tribes of the Storm Lands together in a fighting force. Defeating the Other clans took 20 years to accomplish, but soon Orkresh led them forward, Still Waters in his hand and a banner of the Yew Branch above his host. Hall and Castle and Tower fell before the Tribes of Fen.

Soon the Storm King took the field himself, and the two hosts fought for a week with no rest. But at the end of the week, neither side had proven themselves the stronger. But the God of the Storm looked down and saw that Orkresh could do what he could not. That Orkresh of the Swamp could bring down the Storm King where the Storm God had failed. He grew jealous and slayed The Nymph and Dryad. Orkresh flew into a rage at the loss, swinging Still Water back and forth amongst the members of his Host. Many tried to Subdue him, but in his grief he was stronger even then before and many fell before his blade. But Victarious of Yew, a vile man with base cleverness fed Orkresh goblet after Goblet of Wine until Orkresh fell into Drunken slumber. Then Victarious slew Orkresh with his own sword and brought the head and Blade to the Storm King. He told them that he slew him in single combat and wished to bend the knee to him. The Storm King granted him Still Water and the Lands of Fen. It was not long however that he was told the truth of what happened. The Storm King was furious at the dishonesty, but could not go back on his word. He defeated Victarious in combat and claimed Still Waters from him to take back to hold in Storms End.

Many years passed, and the People of Fen labored under the hated Burden of House Yew. They build their castle on the burned bones of Orkresh’s keep, and forced the people of the Marsh to serve them.

When the Andal’s came, they left the people of the Marsh to themselves, for they could not break the hail of Francisca, nor navigate the harsh swamp.

When the Rhoynar sailed to Dorne, they could not break traverse the river into the Storm Lands for the arrows of the Marsh.

For ages the People of the Marsh, and the family Fen suffered the tyranny of House Yew. And then The Dragon’s came.

The Yew’s went forth, and were brought down by the might of Orys Baratheon and the might of the Dragons. Their tactics were so foul that Orys laid waste to their entire line. He went to Yewwood to seek who would lead them. The people pointed deep into the swamp, where a family had made their home in heaps of peat amongs the muck and water. There he spoke to Mordred, Patriarch of the Fen. He sat in the muck and took food with them and asked him if he would bend the knee in service to him, and Aegon the Conquerer. Mordred asked if he would be given Still Waters. Orys told him of course. Mordred then advised the Storm Lord that if he was given Still Waters, he would lead the people in Revolt, like Orkresh of old and drive him into the sea. Orys left the area, but neglected to put a lord over it. He left them to their own for almost 200 years.

When the Blackfyre’s rebelled, The Baratheon’s answered the call of Baelor Breakspear, but they needed to move quickly to arrive at the battle to break the Rebels. There was but one fast route there, and that was through Fen land. Brian Baratheon went to the Patriarch of Fen, called Roland and sought his aid. He dropped to one Knee to the Patriarch and stated why he needed passage, and why he needed his men. Roland said he saw no reason to help the Get of the Storm King, who defeated his forbears with treachery. The Storm Lord said that such things were long in the past, and new treachery was born and had to be stopped so another ruler would not be usurped. He bent his head and stated his need. Roland of Fen was said to have laughed long and hard. He pulled the Storm Lord to his feet and embraced him. The People of the Marsh marched at his Van. Roland himself died at the Battle of Redgrass field to protect the Life of Brian Baratheon. For their valor on the field, and the sacrifice of their Patriarch, Brian raised his son Lir to Lordship and granted him the Castle of Yewwood and all it’s lands to him. When the boy was of an age, Brian sent his fairest daughter to wed Lir. And when Lir removed her Bridal cloak, Still Waters was belted at her waist.

Lir ruled well, rebuilding the castle and served ever faithful to his Liege Lord until his son Sevron took over at his death. Sevron built Yewtown, and strengthened Castle Yewwood. He created a port, and set up farms on the Deltas of the River. He strengthened the land and formed several good relations with neighboring Lords, even forming a marriage alliance between his oldest son and the oldest daughter of Lord Connington.

His son Raeburn took over at his death, and has ruled Yewwood for 17 years. The house was rocked by Scandal when Raeburn’s wife had the Bastard of Robert Baratheon, but even still it seems to grow in power.

When the Storm Lord calls, House Fen answers.

History of House Fen

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