House Torch

After the breaking of Voltanese power, Lord Yew raised a Knight to Lordship. He desired his Bannerman to hold the seat of his power as he marched with The Storm King to crush the Valyrian Usurper.

When the power of the Storm King was crushed by Orys Baratheon, the young Lord, Gervais Torch bent the knee and dipped his banner to his new Liege Lord. He led troops under Aegon the Conquerer, and for their service, he was granted the lands of his former Liege lord.

These lands were a mixed blessing, since The People of the Marsh were a querulous lot, who had long chaffed at having to bend the knee to House Yew. Gervais decided it would be best to leave the people to their own devices. Once a year, he would send an armed force to the hills at the center of the Marshes and Swamps to collect a tax from them. Beyond that though, he focused on the lands closest to their castle.

Close to 200 years passed, and House Torch grew in power through Marriage and wealth. But when Daemon Blackfyre made his bid for the throne, they backed his claim. Unhappy with their new overlords, The People of the Marsh, led by Roland the Magnar of Fen took the opportunity to sack their castle and burn it to the ground. This, combined with the ruin of their Army at Redgrass field served them for their treachery.

With the raising of House Fen to Lordship, House Torch saw their lands cut in half, and much of their wealth taken from them. When Robert rose in Rebellion, the Lord Bedwyr Torch called his banners to His aid to show whose true side they would stand on.

Heraldry: Red Pall on Gold
Words: I will arise from the fire
Lord and Lady: Bedwyr and Genevive Torch
Children: Amory, Petyr and Thea

House Torch

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