The Lands of Yewwood

The Lords of Fen rule over 6 Square Leagues of Land in the South of the Storm Lands. Like much of the Realm, they are harsh and unforgiving. Plagued with storms from the sea. It is located on the Sea of Dorne, across the river from Cape Wrath.


Half of the land is composed of the swamps that the people of Yewwood take such pride in. They are swamps, marsh, and Bogs. They are full of birds, bears, and Lizard Lions, and several harsh people of the wet lands. The people there collect plants of healing and of poison, and a family tends to Cranberry bogs in the area. Ducks as well are commonly harvested.

View of coastal hills

The other half are stark hills leading to the sea, spotted with Yew trees. A few farmers try to eke out a living with goats and sheep. They lead up to the rocky coasts, and to the rivers. The people that live here are not as hard and rugged as the swamp people, but they are stubborn in their own right. In the middle of the river are several deltas which are farmed and most of the crops in the area are farmed there.

Ghent castle counts

Castle Yewwood itself is placed on a cliff overlooking the sea. It is placed on a hill above the village of Yew Town It only approachable on one side. The walls are tall and thick to keep out the furry of the storms. The keep rises above the walls, with the Sept to the side.

Yew Town is a decent sized city, kept maintained by the Port there and the Market Place. Much of their value comes from the sea. The river creates and Estuary, which makes salmon, eel, and shellfish prevalent. They are also one of the largest producers of pearls in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Lands of Yewwood

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