Clarity Fen

Secondborn Daughter of Yewwood


Intrigue Defense: 12
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 7
Health: 6


None that are obvious

Clarity is a tiny wisp of a girl, though with each passing day she looks more and more like a lady and less like a girl. After her most recent growth spurt, which most believe will be her last given it’s late arrival, she is still rather diminutive at 4’7". Unsurprisingly, along with her growth spurt Clarity has gained some weight, leaving her at about 5 and a half stones. Sylvia Storm, Clarity’s handmaiden, is larger than her in both respects though she is about a year younger. Her hair is a lustrous shade of ebony, similar to her father, though her hair has a rather attractive curl to it, similar to aunt. Rosalind Fen refuses to allow anyone to cut the girl’s hair, and so it falls well below her waist, perhaps growing faster than Clarity herself. Her eyes are a piercing shade of green not unlike Raeburn Fen’s, but they hold a special shine of joy that is not seen in his that make them much more attractive.


Clarity Fen was born in the hour of the owl during the end of spring. She is the youngest of all the Fen children, and some say their last child. A good many people were very surprised when Clarity was born, thinking that Lord Fen would reject Lady Fen after her affair with Robert Baratheon. There were a number of individuals who were firmly convinced that she was just yet another bastard born by Lady Fen, at least until her hair grew and her eyes turned the identical shade of green to her father’s. The likeness between the two has only grown since then, though she does strongly resemble her aunt.

Clarity was the youngest of the Fen children, and perhaps within all of Storm’s End, to learn to read. She began to master reading at the age of 4, and has seem engrossed with it ever since. Her Septa, mistakenly, took this as a sign of her studious and diligent nature. Though Clarity can be studious and diligent, she is far from obedient. Clarity loved to play pranks on their Septa. In fact, it is believed that Clarity is solely responsible for their last Septa’s departure.

She is a very adventurous girl, who enjoys exploring the forests and wetlands of House Fen with other children. She her mind and knowledge of legends to craft artful fantastic adventures of what she has done on her travels through the lands of Castle Yewwood. The girl seems to love hearing stories from those around the castle and crafting them into glorious tales that would fit well beside the stories of old. Though Clarity did have quite an adventure when time she was attacked by a bear, thankfully the Seven were merciful and Cale was there and managed to bludgeon it to death with a club.

Else Fen made the journey to House Fen recently and took Deidre and Clarity out with her to see the seas and visit Tyrosh. She grew very close to her aunt who taught her many things that a child, much less a young lady should not know, but of this Clarity refuses to tell a single soul. It was at this point that Clarity’s love for boats and the seas were established, and she has since spoke endlessly of becoming a pirate. Clarity in fact, goes so far as to call anyone with a boat a pirate, much to the chagrin of the Admiral of the Fleet.

Unfortunately for Deidre, Clarity did not have a firm understanding of affairs… So when rumors blazed through the castle of Deidre’s potential affair, Clarity at age 10 became terribly excited and spread even more grand tales of love and adventure throughout the land causing Deidre’s situation to escalate. Eventually, the girl came to realize the gravity of the situation and seemed terribly sorry, and no longer speaks of affairs. She made a noble attempt to tell grand tales of her sister’s chastity instead, but these did not meet the wide-eyed interest of the servants as her earlier stories did.

The poor girl doesn’t get along well with most of her family. Her mother doesn’t seem to have the patience to bear Clarity’s well, much less the trouble she tended to cause for the Septa. Jon seems to harbor some love for the girl, but it does not seem that he appreciated her rather insistent requests to learn the way of the sword so that she might be like Visenya Targaryen when she was older. Whatever rift that may have existed between them when she was younger has seemed to close as the girl has come to understand him better and she has ceased her requests for training. She spends much time at the Sept seeking what guidance can be received from the Septon, and enjoys learning numbers form Marlin. In fact, she seems to spend increasingly more time with Marlin, though perhaps this is due to Elsa’s gift of a cyvasse board to Clarity. Though of all of her family, she seems to get along best with Cale Storm, her half-brother, though she does seem to like her father very much though he does not seem to have as much time for the young girl.

Clarity conducted herself well during the tournament in the days that follow. Rosalind appears to be hesitantly pleased with the girl’s performance, but Clarity would never know. She has been working terribly hard under her mother’s guidance to learn the proper ways of being a Lady. Clarity has been seen less frequently making mischief and by all appearances has instead been dedicating herself to her mother’s tutelage. It appears that lately the girl hasn’t had much time for her tales in the wake of so much responsibility.

Recently, it seems that young Clarity has attracted the eye of Amory Torch. It seems as if she may be slowly developing a small crush on him in response to his advances. This is slightly concerning to some given that soon Clarity must go to King’s Landing and attempt to win Joffrey’s heart or at least a marriage contract.

What is perhaps more concerning is that however, is that restraint was not included in her mother’s lessons of womanly wiles. Clarity seems to be wielding the tools her mother has given her without much understanding. Which may lead to problems in the future…

Clarity managed to conduct herself with surprising strength for one so young after the incident in King’s Landing (the death of Winslow) and the threat on their lives by House Fell. Some wonder if the young lady might be trying herself too hard to put on such a brave front for everyone. Occasionally she vanishes temporarily in the castle, though to what ends it is unknown. Something seems to have happened recently that has put her in a happy mood. She chatters almost incessantly with Sylvia, but refuses to share what it is they speak of with anyone.

Several of the servants, and perhaps even the nobles, were impressed with Clarity’s ability to organize and host a victory feast on her own. There are also rumors that she organized the celebration for Deidre’s name day completely on her own. She seems to be shaping up to be quite the attractive and efficient Lady. Her attentions, much to her mother’s relief, seem to have focused on appearing lady-like.

Clarity: “Septa, are you certain we aren’t Blood of the Dragon? Father does love to horde his gold so.”

Clarity: “No, no! You’ve got it all wrong! That’s not how I remember it at all. You see, how it really began was like this…”

Clarity Fen you come down from there this instant! Rosalind Fen

Clarity Fen

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