Marlin Fen



Intrigue Defense: 14
Composure: 15
Combat Defense: 9
Health: 7


Marlin stands at 6’ even, and weighs almost 11 Stone. While has the same Black hair and green eyes of his siblings, the similarities end there. Marlin is painfully thin, and an illness in his youth has left him scarred and plagued with sickness. There are times where he needs to travel with a cane, and a cough leaves him breathless.


Marlin was born 262 AL, and by all appearances was set to be a powerful warrior. At the age of three, he could best his brother with a sword and was all the Master at Arms could speak of.

At the age of 10, that all changed. Marlin was struck with a vicious plague, that had him bed ridden for close to a year. Nothing anyone could do could pull him from the sick bed, and Severin Fen had the house Maester sent home in shame over the folly of it all. Eventually, he seemed to beat back the disease, but not without consequence. His body was left scarred from the ravages of the disease, and he lacked the stamina and energy for sword play.

Marlin accepted this fate. He devoured the books at the keep, and eventually got leave to travel to the Citadel to study as a Maester. Before he was able to forge a chain however, he returned home. When pressed, he stated that such life was not for him. On his return, he took the position of Steward of the House. He has served faithfully with no complaint since.

The Seven are new to these lands Septon, their touch still fresh. Nor do we honor the White trees. The people here still spit in the Evil Eye when you mention The Children. The gods of the First Men ruled here. The ones of blood whose names have long been forgotten. Marlin Fen

You ask me why I fight without fear Your Grace? I saw the fury of my brother’s eyes as he stood over my triumphant when he was a lad. I saw my life in the hands of a boy half my age. What is there to fear after that? Raeburn Fen

Marlin Fen

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